KAN-therm: System KAN-therm TBS
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System KAN-therm TBS

KAN-therm TBS is a complete installation system designed for building:

  • underfloor heating and cooling installations
  • wall heating a cooling installations

KAN-therm TBS (dry method) is a system, where pipes are laid in metal profiles pushed into a special styrofoam. We recommend forming coils into a meander-like shape. Having laid TBS plates and pipes the entire system is covered with a PE-foil for protection and to prevent possible noises of thermal movements of the system. Next a covering plate of a dry screed is laid. This system is used in case of laying floor heating in wood ceiling constructions at dry construction systems.










Components to lay the KAN-therm TBS System floor heating:

  • special profiled TBS styrofoam plates 25 mm thick,

  • metal profiles,

  • plastic, multi-layer PE-RT/Al/PE-HD lub PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipes, diameter 16 mm,

  • edge band with incision or with an incision and a foil apron,

  • PE foil in a roll

  • distributors and pumping set for surface heating,

  • installation boxes: surface mounted, concealed or for cladding with glazed tiles.


Assembly of KAN-therm TBS System floor heating:

1. The first step is to lay the wall along construction partitions of a room.

2. Next, we lay TBS Styrofoam sheets










3. Into laid styrofoam sheets we put metal sections.

4. Next, we press pipes into metal sections.










5. Having laid pipes we spread PE–foil and we can proceed to lay a dry screed.