KAN-therm: System KAN-therm Rail
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System KAN-therm Rail

KAN-therm Rail is a complete installation system designed for building:

  • underfloor heating and cooling installations
  • wall heating a cooling installations
  • external surfaces heating and cooling installations

The main element of this system are Rail strips to attach pipes. Rail strips can be fastened directly to a floor or glued with an adhesive tape to KAN-therm styrofoam plates with foil. The KAN-therm Rail system has proven itself very good in wall heating systems.

Components of the KAN-therm Rail System floor and wall heating:

  • plastic strips for fastening pipes – available in sections 0.2 – 3 m depending on the strip design,

  • styrofoam with foil in sheets – thickness 20 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm,

  • PEXC, PERT, blueFLOOR PERT polyethylene pipes or multi-layer PE-RT/Al/PE-HD, PERTAL pipes – diameters : Ø12 - Ø25 mm,

  • edge band with incision or with incision and a foil apron,

  • additive (plasticizer) BETOKAN or BETOKAN Plus for concrete,

  • distributors and pumping groups for surface heating,

  • installation boxes: surface mounted, concealed or for cladding with glazed tiles.

Assembly of KAN-therm Rail System floor heating:

1. Floor heating system – first step: laying wall tape along construction partitions of a room.

2. Next we lay the styrofoam with foil so that it overlaps on the adjacent styrofoam sheets.








3. Floor heating system – Individual styrofoam sheets shall be joined with an adhesive tape for a better insulation on the screed side. Identically proceed with the foil on the edge tape. Overlay the foil on the styrofoam and join them with the adhesive tape.

4. Floor heating system – fasten the plastic strip on a spread styrofoam sheet with an adhesive tape. A pipe is put into special holes in the Rail strip.

5. Wall heating installation – plastic strips attached to a wall with expanding dowels. A pipe is inserted into special holes in the Rail strip attached to a wall.

6. Wall heating installation- to specially adapted holes a Rail pipe is inserted into bar installed on the wall.

After laying pipes, connecting them to a distributor and after pressure testing them you can start pouring a floor with a concrete with the addition of the BETOKAN or BETOKAN Plus plasticizer (depending on the required floor thickness). In case of a wall heating pipes are covered with a thin layer of plaster – use only plasters designed for a wall heating