KAN-therm: System KAN-therm Profil
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System KAN-therm Profil

KAN-therm Profil is a complete system designed for building heating and cooling underfloor installations.

For a KAN-therm Profil floor heating pipes are pressed into the upper part of a styrofoam plate provided with a special profile and covered in a plastic layer. This is a wet method of laying a heating system. With 11 mm thick styrofoam plates the KAN-therm Profil System can be applied also for a wall heating.

To mount the KAN-therm Profil System floor or wall heating use:

  • „Profil“ Styrofoam with profiled tongues to snap-fasten pipes. With such a design of styrofoam pipes can be laid and fastened directly without using additional fasteners. Styrofoam is available in sheets of a thickness of 11 - 30 mm,

  • polyethylene pipes PEXC, PERT, blueFLOOR PERT or multi-layer PE-RT/Al/PE-HD, PERTAL pipes - Ø16 - Ø18 mm,

  • edge band with incision or with an incision and a foil apron,

  • plasticizer BETOKAN or BETOKAN Plus for concrete,

  • distributors and pumping groups for surface heating,

  • installation boxes: surface mounted, concealed or for cladding with glazed tiles.

Assembly of KAN-therm Profil System floor heating:

1. The first step is to lay the wall along construction partitions of a room.

2. Next we lay the styrofoam with foil so that it overlaps on the adjacent styrofoam sheets.


3. The next step is laying pipes by pressing them into a profiled upper part of the Profil plates.

4. This method of fastening pipes is fast and sure and pipes are laid according to a designed spacing.

After laying pipes, connecting them to a distributor and after pressure-testing them you can start pouring a floor with concrete with the addition of the BETOKAN or BETOKAN Plus plasticizer (depending on the required floor thickness).