KAN-therm: Kvaliteedigarantii
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It is our goal and an obligation to fulfil all the customer’s expectations. We would like to see our clients happy with the quality they receive. This is achieved by using only highest quality products for production, by production quality supervision, a strict supervision of the manufacturing process and by ensuring a proper level of our services. 

The quality of products offered by KAN is inspected by external recognised testing/research offices as well as by our own well-equipped lab. With our modern and professional research and testing equipment we can continuously monitor the production process, and test technical and use-related parameters. Our laboratory is an experimental field for new design solutions following our policy of a continuous development of products by the KAN design office.

Our production as well as all our activities are ‘supervised’ by the Quality Management System to EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Due to this policy and practice KAN products gained recognition of customers being perceived by them as reliable and trustworthy partner.