KAN-therm: KAN-therm thermal and damp-proof insulation

KAN-therm thermal and damp-proof insulation

Damp- proof and thermal insulation in KAN-therm Profil is specially profiled plastic foil so called tabs.

The pipes are mounted to styrofoam by pressing them between the plastic tabs, the construction of styrofoam enables the use of pipes of 16-18 mm diameters laid with 5 cm to 30 cm spacing (5 cm stroke).

Also available in the offer are styrofoams of 30 and 11 mm thickness and a styrofoam of 20 mm thickness (without the plastic foil layer- tabs are made on a styrofoam layer). The system also provides plastic foam with tabs alone.

System stosowany jest do układania ogrzewania i chłodzenia podłogowego wykonywanego metodą mokrą. W niektórych przypadkach, przy zastosowaniu mat styropianowych o grubości 11 mm.

This is a wet method of laying a heating system. KAN-therm Profil System can be applied with 11 mm thick styrofoam plates.

KAN-therm Profil styrofoam is sold in sheets of 0,8 m x 1,4 m dimensions.