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How can I secure polyethylene pipe installation?

Avoid direct heating of piping by the heat source:

  • between the heat source and plastic installation put in metal pipe segment: 0,6 m length for calculation temperature below 60ºC,
  • between the heat source and plastic installation put in metal pipe segment: 1,5 m length for calculation temperature 95ºC,
  •  indirect connection of the flow heaters /with the usage of the flexible hoses/ is allowed.

Heat source should have protection from increasing of temperature above: 

  • 95ºC for PE-RT/Al/PE-HD pipes,
  • 90ºC for PE-RT and PE-Xc pipes.

In every case installation should be protected from freezing.

How do we carry out the leakage test for plastic pipes?

The leakage test is carried out with pressure 1,5 times than operating pressure (pressure can’t be bigger than acceptable pressure of the weakest part of installation) on uncovered piping (not concreted ):

  • produce the test pressure thrice, at 10 minutes intervals,
  • after the last, pressure shouldn’t decrease more than 0,6 Bar during 30 minutes,
  • after next 2 hours, pressure shouldn’t decrease more than 0,2 Bar from the value after 30 minutes,
  • check leak tightness of connections visually.


Can we use the KAN-therm Steel system for heating installations supplied with carbon boiler?

No, because it is open system.

Is the under-floor heating installation an economical solution?

When people stay in a room with under-floor heating at temperature of 18-19ºC, they receive the same warm comfort as at temperature 20ºC with radiant heating. Such phenomenon allows decreasing a temperature of 1-2ºC in a room with the under-floor heating, in comparison to traditional heating system. We save 10-12% of energy.

Is the under-floor heating a good solution for allergic patients?

The majority of heat in under-floor heating radiates through the floor, that is why we don’t have dust raising (the same as sun rays – they heat without air whirls).
Thanks to it, the under-floor heating system is optimal to patients with allergy and suffering from heart and circulatory system diseases. 

Can I apply the KAN-therm Steel system for heating installation with operating temperature T=130ºC?

Yes, on condition that you will use 0-ring Viton.

Can we use the KAN-therm Inox system for cold and heat potable water installations?

Yes, the KAN-therm Inox system is appropriate for potable water installations.

Under-floor heating.

Why do we apply the under-floor heating system?

The under-floor heating system reaps many benefits.
First of all, it gives optimal thermal decomposition in the room. The heat radiates through the floor warming people from foot to head, providing more comfort. Feeling heat is very important for us, especially in the rooms (up to1,8m), where we mostly spend the time. 
Properly designed and installed the under-floor heating system can bring us a real financial profit - saving energy (10 to 12%). 
In comparison with the convection heating, the majority of heat in the under-floor heating radiates through the floor that is why we don’t have dust raising. 
The application of the under-floor heating allows arranging the space freely, because we can resign from traditional radiators. The under-floor heating is adapted to cooperation with the modern and economical heat sources: heat pumps, condensing boilers, solar collectors (low operating temperatures). 

What is the cost of the under-floor heating system?

The cost of the under-floor heating execution depends on many factors: heating area, degree of building insulation, required heat output, mounting accessories and automatic control. We offer easy Web calculator KAN QUICK Floor (free) for a quick selection and cost calculation of the under-floor heating: www.kan.com.pl.

Is the under-floor heating a good solution for all rooms?

The under-floor heating installation is perfect for: the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen. The heating loops can be put in the use outside the building: under stairs, terraces and driveways. These areas remain ice-free in winter time. What the bedroom is concerned, we have remember that most of people like to sleep at lower temperatures. We recommend the under-floor heating plus additional radiator in order to low temperature very quickly.

Can we install the under-floor heating in the existing house?

It is possible. Depending on situation and floor construction we can apply so called dry building in the TBS under-floor heating system. The basic elements of the KAN-therm TBS system are special foamed-polystyrene panels and metal profiles. Metal profiles (with multilayer pipes) are pushed in the foamed polystyrene.

What does it mean that the under-floor heating is low-temperature heating?

The under-floor heating can be supplied by the heating medium with max temperature 55ºC. If we use simultaneously under-floor heating and radiant heating we must low the temperature of the heating medium (f.i. from 70ºC to 50ºC). In case we design the under-floor heating on several storeys or it is the basic heat source in a building, we should apply the central mixing system (as KANBlock) and take out from the boiler-room another low-temperature circuit. If the under-floor heating is designed for a one-storied building, we should apply the local mixing system, that is manifold with mixing system series 73A (with temperature sensor for thermostatic valve) or 77A (with flowmeters).

Can we use mosaic or parquet for under-floor heating?

Mosaics and parquets significantly reduce heat efficiency of the under-floor heating. They should possess proper level of humidity (7-8%) and certificate that allows their usage in the under-floor heating. Thermal resistance of the layers above the pipe can’t exceed 0,15 W/m2K. Taking this value under consideration, theoretically we can use parquets and floor covering, but these products should have permissions of the producer.

Can we pour the floor-board if the pipes are not under prescribing pressure of 3 BAR?

It is not allowed flooding the under-floor heating installation if pipes aren’t filled with medium of 3 bar pressure. We should act according to „Guide-book for designer and executor of KAN-therm systems”, in spite of the fact that installation badly filled can work correctly.

What is the purpose of Quick Floor software?

Quick Floor - Web calculator for a quick selection and cost calculation of the under-floor heating.
Quick Floor is available in two versions:

  • Basic (basic version),
  • Extended (extended version).